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Leadership and Parenting

  Leadership and Parenting   I know you are finding it awkward and strange that I am putting leadership and parenting together. When we hear leadership, we get the picture of some famous and strong personalities with extraordinary qualities. On the other hand, parenting is like customary, a more or less everyone is doing it. Something very soft, fragile where normal human traits patience, nurturing, upbringing etc are required. Characteristics of these two activities seem to be pole apart however guiding principles are very just similitude. We have no doubt about it “Leaders can be good parents and parents can lead”. Let me explain you how. Leadership means to inspire and influence people by motivating them likewise parenting requires influencing and inspiring child by setting right examples.   Leaders has to be strong, but not rude; kind, but not weak; be bold, but not arrogant. Same way parents need to be firm and polite but not weak and sentimental. Parents need to put