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                                   Question and Answer on Image Makeover By Sarita Maheshwari Sharda (certified Image Consultant)   Q. When drinking a cup of tea, where should you keep the saucer (during a business and social meal)? When at the buffet hold the tea saucer in lap with the left hand while holding the tea cup with right. When at the table, place the saucer on the table . When not drinking from the tea cup, place it back into the saucer and hold it with your left hand. Only hold the saucer with a tea cup when at a standing reception.  Q. Which types of brushes are suitable for makeup? A . Makeup Brushes are available in two types of material- Natural and Synthetic. Natural brushes are better for dry products like blush and eyeshadow. Synthetic brushes are best suited for cream or liquid products like concealer or foundation because they soak up fewer products than natural hair. Q. How should I avoid cuts while shaving? A . Make sure you exfoliate before the shave, use wa
  Wardrobe styling for A Public Speaker  Your first impression matters a lot when you are speaking publicly.  What you wear, your body language, grooming reflects a lot about you and shows your seriousness about event. With little planning and preparation,  one can impress audience and  abolish the greatest fear of public speaking.   Dressing correctly helps in  creating the first impression among your audience. On the other hand dressing  casually and inappropriately also means that you  are not serious towards the whole idea of addressing people and eventually your audience also find it extremely difficult to concentrate on your speech. Gaurav had excellent public speaking skills. But once he  went casually and untidily dressed to address his team members. Neither did he bother to iron his clothes nor polish his shoes. The  audience perceived him to be a lazy and careless person who did not bother to take care of his own clothes. How would such a person take care of the team or for t

Positivity and creative leadership

                  Positivity and Creative Leadership Positivity is not among the basic attributes  someone asks for in a leader, however positivity is the foundation when it comes to motivate and influence people. It is the hidden power of leadership. Being positive is indeed a requirement when a situation like covid pandemic, emergencies and uncertainties are  going on. Ground level points for positivity are : Do not create havoc Do not start blame game  Keep things on hold  Prepare yourself for uncertainties, unfavorable situations. Keeping a back up plan to control damage and training the brain for it.                                               A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. It means you are a positive person or know your ways to be positive. One should train their brain to be positive and must have ability to find ways to be  positive. Just start noticing yourself when you start feeling happy and positive. For example your work, your friends,

Wintery Bride

  Whatever the season is,  winter or summer and/or  having a destination wedding in the hills Whatever the temperature is going to be coolest  low ! but  if its wedding day,  we  still want to look our stylish best.  While winter weddings are romantic, have a gorgeous charm and cosiness but  they can be  brutally challenging on the bride, groom and families especially who want to make a style statement. Preparing for winters and staying at the top of your fashion game can be done effortlessly with a few amendments and style hacks.   So on special request on  my wedding makeover clients, I am sharing some styling lessons on  winter wedding wardrobe. With little more preparation and creativity one can have all your dream wedding looks as well as stay warm and fashionable. All you will need  is to prepare in advance with these smart tips such as: Pick The Right Fabric The fabric matters a lot when planning your winter wedding. Fabric is base on which you will create layers which ultimatel