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Magical Mini Makeover

 Mini Makeover Magics All good things come in a small package. Likewise term “mini-makeover” describes the act of making a few small, but positive, changes in outer personality. It gives a sudden lift up to personal style and appearance. Unlike a full makeover, during which a person may significantly change appearance by making changes in their lifestyle and extend their personal style to next level, mini makeovers are taking a small and temporary steps. Full makeover happens inside- out, technical in nature and need expert mentoring whereas mini makeovers easily can be started from home. Mini-makeovers often include a change in just one aspect of a person’s appearance or a few slight changes in each area. In order to refresh look. a person may make a few noticeable but not overwhelming changes in grooming routine / wardrobe or highlight one aspect either by himself or with the assistance of a personal appearance professional. For example : hair color highlights, nail art. The