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Accessories are Assets

 Accessories works as Assets  What are accessories, and do you really need them to complete the look? Accessories are the finishing touches of color, texture and shape that impact your image. The role they play is important. They reflect your style philosophy and pull your other selections together to create groupings that make design sense. To fully appreciate the impact accessories make, let’s consider other examples of things that require a “finishing touch”. Can you picture: - a cake without icing? Accessories give one an extra dose of beauty, a little more sparkle, just by looking at you because they’re a natural icebreaker.  So, here are some of the more timeless guidelines: - Don’t crowd your face: It means , either wear big earrings or a major necklace but not both. Concentrate on one focal point per body part. Pair a necklace and ring, or a bracelet, earrings and necklace. Harmonize Accessories with your Outfit: Make it sure there must be some common element or theme between

Are you a Fashion Victim

  Are you a fashion Victim   Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” Mind it Worth doing well.Being Fashionable is very different from fashion victim. A fashion victim is an individual who obeys fads and trends in color, design, print and silhouette. They just duplicate an outfit straight from the ramp without any consideration for how they look in the trendy pieces. .They are the people who are not buying clothes in fact want to acquire “brand name”.  Not every trend looks good on every person, and no one can successfully pull off every trend. In order to avoid becoming a fashion victim, you must learn to develop your own sense of style, and you must also accept that some clothes look good on you while others do not. Moreover  one has to learn various ways to convert any style into their own style . Here are few tips how to do this: ·   Identify the detailing of designer outfit and opt for those details only w