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Leadership and Parenting

  Leadership and Parenting   I know you are finding it awkward and strange that I am putting leadership and parenting together. When we hear leadership, we get the picture of some famous and strong personalities with extraordinary qualities. On the other hand, parenting is like customary, a more or less everyone is doing it. Something very soft, fragile where normal human traits patience, nurturing, upbringing etc are required. Characteristics of these two activities seem to be pole apart however guiding principles are very just similitude. We have no doubt about it “Leaders can be good parents and parents can lead”. Let me explain you how. Leadership means to inspire and influence people by motivating them likewise parenting requires influencing and inspiring child by setting right examples.   Leaders has to be strong, but not rude; kind, but not weak; be bold, but not arrogant. Same way parents need to be firm and polite but not weak and sentimental. Parents need to put

Transformational leadership for Executive Presence and Covid

  Transformational leadership for Executive Presence and Covid     Executive presence means you are inspiring and influencing decisions when you are not physically present. Influence of your aura is always there.   It is about your ability to inspire and present confidence in such a way that   your subordinates appreciate and follow you as their   leader , presenting confidence among peers that they consider   you capable and reliable and, most importantly, inspiring confidence among senior leaders that you have the potential for great achievements . And top of all these you are able to maintain this integrity under severe pressure and uncertainties like Covid pandemic situations by not only leading your life but also help others to transform.   Obviously, we all are going through an overwhelming pressure due to Covid—not only personally, professionally however globally.     However true leaders just take a while to think and transform   their   attitude and working

कोई लौटा दे मेरे बीते हुए दिन

  एक दिन मेरे बेटे ने कहा, मांं आप समझ ना पाओगे।           आप 20वीं सदी में पले बढ़े, हमारी सदी 21वीं है।     बरसों बाद सुनकर 20वीं सदी,याद आई मुझे अपने बचपन की ।           बचपन के वे चहकते दिन, कितने सुहाने लगते थे ।      घुमा कर जादू की छड़ी, काश!! कोई लौटा दे मेरे बीते हुए दिन। लो मां, टाइम मशीन बनाता हूं, और तुम को वहां ले जाता हूं।  पर, मां क्या करोगी?, अगर मिल जाए बीते हुए दिन।     सपना यह सच हो जाए, तो तुम्हें परियों के जहान में ले जाऊंगी।  तुम्हारे दौर की नींव जहां, उस डगर की सैर करवाऊंगी।    बैर, द्वेष से कोसो दूर,कोई होड़ न चिंता थी।  न कैमरा न व्हाट्सएप ,आंखों में बंद सबकी पिक्चर थी । कागज के पत्रों पर सबके, अपडेट हमेशा मिलते थे। मन करता है वैसा एक पत्र , मैं सब सखियों को लिख डालूं।    बुलाकर उनको भी वहां पर, बचपन के सारे खेल, खेल डालूं। पापा के आंगन की परी और मां के आंचल की दुलारी बनूं।  एक बार फिर मैं जी लूं बचपन के वे सुनहरे दिन। मुस्कराकर, मैं बोली, बेटा ,टाइम मशीन का काम नहीं ।  उम्र का साल कोई भी हो,बस धड़कनो में,नशा जीने का हो। बचपन का बस सार इतना, जीवन क

My Valentine wish

  What  all I   want on this eve of Valentine is compassion:a flow between myself and others based on mutual giving from the heart. Communication with compassion  shows a genuine desire to understand, and get to know. It is the rock upon which healthy relationships are built and the very first relationship which one needs to build is with oneself. Show genuine interest in  yourself, be your best version and be more connected to yourself. No matter who we are, no matter how successful, no matter what our situation, compassion is something we all need to receive and give. Art of compassion in everyday life:  Be your valentine: The best way to get your valentine is to be compassionate with yourself. As they say: you can’t learn to truly love others until you learn to love yourself .In other words be your valentine first. So how do you show compassion to yourself? To start, you can praise yourself for your small small everyday learning and success(even with small things like making your b

Yellow yellow

  Hey friends!!Happy Basant Panchami !!and today I'm here to convince you to be a stylist in spring  especially by embracing the yellow.  Yellow, you see, is good, especially after chilling winter.It is like a ray of light which reflects brightness after grey and cold  weather.Yellow promises sunshine in your look. Spring season offers a lot of yellow. It signifies the brilliance of nature and the vibrancy of life however one can create  romantic, feminine, attractive and even provocative look by wearing yellow. The choice depends on your goals and preferences. Mustard yellow, lemon yellow ,light and pastel in yellow are particular shades.An alternative may be shades of gold and bright hues of yellow Yellow is a warm colour and we indian have warm skin tone so for us it is our personal colour.For making our style impressive we should repeat this colour in our styling. Yellow is recommended to wear in the bottom.Fabulous with floral,light and pastel tops.Using yellow scarf and gold