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Decode The Care Codes

 Decode the care codes 

As your clothes need some especial care

Caring for garments in the proper way is very important. That’s why there are care codes or care symbols attach to the garment. Care symbols are written on care labels, attached to clothing to indicate how a particular item should best be cleaned. Care label indicates best procedures for washing, bleaching, drying, ironing or dry-cleaning. These labels are designed in particular combination of fabric, thread, decoration and construction techniques so one cannot afford to ignore it.

Home launder/Washable: It is a process intended to remove soil or stains by washing,drying and bleaching with common method at home most preferably at normal temperature.

Wash Separately: It means wash that particular cloth separately as there can be fading of color.

Water Temperature: Hot water means water up to 130 degree, warm water means 110 degree .

Machine Wash: Use gentle setting on machine or wash by hand.

Bleach: Bleach is a product for brightening and aiding the removal of soils and stains garment It can be inclusive of both chlorine and non-chlorine products. Check the label carefully and opt for the right bleach. Do not bleach if label is mentioning “No bleach”.

Dry-cleaning: It is process for cleaning garment with organic solvents like petroleum, per-chloro-ethylene, and fluorocarbon. This process consists or cleaning rinsing, spinning and drying. Normal washing can damage fabric.

Professional Care: Cleaning and maintenance procedure needs to be done by a person specially trained or skilled in their use. Self service can damage fabric. Use commercial drycleaner.

Tumble drying: It is a process carried out on a garment after washing, with the intention of removing residual water air in a rotating drum normally done with washing machine. Set machine dryer with specific type and heat as mentioned in care label as well as in washing machine manual also.

Do not twist, wring, or squeeze: It means twisting, squeezing and tumble dry can damage the fabric. Opt for drip dry and drying flat.

Ironing : It is a method or pressing using a heated hand iron sometimes together with moisture or steam, and a gliding motion. Cool iron and do not iron means using iron at coolest temperature or iron without heat.

Pressing : Pressing means a process or smoothing and shaping by heat and pressure, with or without the presence of steam. Label mentioning Permanent Press says garment needs no pressing or ironing after washing or drying.

Repeated cleaning treatment and correct care process can assure cleaner and fresher clothes, good appearance, longer life and most important, fit and quality of garment.

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