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                                  Question and Answer on Image Makeover

By Sarita Maheshwari Sharda (certified Image Consultant)


Q. When drinking a cup of tea, where should you keep the saucer (during a business and social meal)?

  • When at the buffet hold the tea saucer in lap with the left hand while holding the tea cup with right. When at the table, place the saucer on the table .
  • When not drinking from the tea cup, place it back into the saucer and hold it with your left hand.
  • Only hold the saucer with a tea cup when at a standing reception. 

Q. Which types of brushes are suitable for makeup?

A. Makeup Brushes are available in two types of material- Natural and Synthetic. Natural brushes are better for dry products like blush and eyeshadow. Synthetic brushes are best suited for cream or liquid products like concealer or foundation because they soak up fewer products than natural hair.

Q. How should I avoid cuts while shaving?

A. Make sure you exfoliate before the shave, use warm water and a sharp blade & don't apply too much pressure on your skin.

Q. What points should keep in minding while printing business card?

A. Business card should be professionally designed. It is not a piece of paper listing your contact information but it is a branding tool for you and your company. Keep the following points in mind while printing them:

·   Standard size of card is 3.5” by 2

·       Business cards are printed with black ink on white card stock for many years

·       Colorful cards are more popular now. There are now business cards on CD; plastic, wood and metal business cards; folded business cards; and cards with photos on them.

·       With continuous innovation and advanced printing technologies, it is easy to distinguish one business card from others. The range of layout templates and stock designs makes it easy for anybody to design their own cards. The words and actions that accompany your business card when you give it to someone can really cement a positive first impression.

·       Give people a reason to hold on to your card .Print something unique on the back of it--a calendar, a list of your services, important measurements, or anything relevant to your industry.


Q. Where should place a napkin when briefly excusing during the meal?

A. Place a napkin on the chair when excusing during the meal, as it is not appropriate to place a soiled napkin on the table.

Q. How should you dress a pear shape body?

A .Person having pear shape body should keep following points in mind while choosing clothes:

Focus attention upward. Pear-shaped women should focus attention on the upper half of their pear-shaped body by choosing slim, fitted tops, button-down shirts and cardigans.

Attention towards the face. Shirts and dresses with embellished necklines naturally draw the eye upward toward the face and the slimmest part of a pear-shaped body.

Layer it up. Layering garments can balance a pear-shaped body by adding visual interest to the top half of the body. Second layer should be long and firm as compared to the first layer so that it can cover thighs and hips.

Go for an A. A-line dresses and tops emphasize the upper body while slimming wider hips characteristic of a pear-shaped body.

Wide is good. Keep the hems of pants, skirts and dresses wide to visually balance a pear-shaped body. Pointy-toed shoes with wide-hemmed pants will elongate your legs. Try to avoid low waist and tapered trousers.

Get a little structure. Structured pants are a great fit, especially those that skim the hips and thighs of a pear-shaped body. Avoid heavy details garments like cargo pants, funky pockets or embroidery.



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