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Wintery Bride

 Whatever the season is,  winter or summer and/or  having a destination wedding in the hills Whatever the temperature is going to be coolest  low ! but  if its wedding day,  we  still want to look our stylish best.  While winter weddings are romantic, have a gorgeous charm and cosiness but  they can be  brutally challenging on the bride, groom and families especially who want to make a style statement. Preparing for winters and staying at the top of your fashion game can be done effortlessly with a few amendments and style hacks.   So on special request on  my wedding makeover clients, I am sharing some styling lessons on  winter wedding wardrobe. With little more preparation and creativity one can have all your dream wedding looks as well as stay warm and fashionable. All you will need  is to prepare in advance with these smart tips such as:
Pick The Right Fabric

The fabric matters a lot when planning your winter wedding. Fabric is base on which you will create layers which ultimately keep you warm.Best option is velvet as it is luxurious , shinning and always classy as well as in fashion. Other options are nylon, corduroy, or cotton. They are also great choices for winter blouses, which gives that much-needed protection from the cold breeze. With the help of your stylist you can mix n match the fabrics.

Colour of attire:

While choosing colour of your dress especially for winter wedding keep your personal colour( colour of your hair, eyes, lips and skin), fashion colour and warm colour ( red, yellow , orange etc.)in your mind. Your stylist will help to choose right colour in coordination with above mentioned factors. Infact stylist will create colour -coordinated outfits for both bride and groom.

Detailing of your attire:

“Every person has a fantasy of how she will look on her D-day,”If you think winter wedding can stop you from doing that, then probably you’re wrong! Don’t drop your ideas, just opt for smart designs. 


For example One can not wear deep necks in winters however can opt for an illusion back to show off  body and at the same time can keep yourself warm. 

When it comes to sleeves, there is nothing as stunning as full sleeves with little embroidery motifs along the arm. 

The Odhni/ Wrap/ shawl with kundan work  is a classy choice with traditional lehenga duppatta and saree. It helps to block out the cold as well as give royal style.

A Long Kurta & Lehenga Combo, Anarkali suit, saree with long jacket  and Shararas with dupatta draped are really comfortable ,stylist and keep yourself cosy in foggy, winter days.

 A warm woollen fabric can be  stitched under your blouse or lehnga however it should be in its best finishing.

 Layering Is The Key

Be it your wedding in winter or pre wedding shots at hills, layering can elevate your winter fashion and keep you comfortable and cosy.

With your wedding lehanga , invest in matching shawl and use it to drape around your lehenga on the wedding day. Use another dupatta that will rest on your arms, and a third one to cover your head. This will keep you warm all night and you will look royal Indian bride in the most fashionable way.

Another option is that  layer your dupatta with same colour pashmina shawl.   Ofcourse this wouldn't work for the dupatta on your head but would do so for any other drape.


Wear Warm Clothes Underneath

Besides warm leggings and thermal tops and blouses,shape wear are good option for wearing underneath.They will give smart base for layering as well as hide flaws of your body shape.



You must invest in the right clothes that you will be wearing underneath. Try to pick colour matching to your wedding attire otherwise skin colour is best option for buying shapewears and warmers.

Be creative:

 if you get stunning gloves, booties, socks custom made to your lehenga You will not only rock the show however win the wintery challenge also.

Experiment with blouses and drape your saree with long capes. 

Warmth, style, culture, and traditions are all part of your Indian winter wedding . You could opt for some of these amazing handy ideas and turn some heads for sure.

Which idea you like the most? Write your winter hacks us  to






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